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Busan Port, the world’s 2nd largest transshipment hub, is located on the searoute connecting Europe and the American continent. It’s served by 50 global shipping companies operating 269 weekly container liner services. Busan Port, with its well connected global network, stable environmental conditions, well-equipped infrastructure ranks 7th globally among ports accommodating container vessels up to 24,000teu.

Busan New Port, opened in 2006, has a high-tech equipment and infrastructure. 23 berths are in operation and completion of 45berths are planned by 2030. As of 2020, in New Port Distripark, 70 companies with total 2,800 employees are in operation and they annually handle 2million TEU across 4.2million㎡. In this way New Port has developed into a space for added business value and job creation.

Busan North Port(old port) with over 140years of history will now be reborn as a high-end port brand for international marine tourism and business redevelopment. In North Port, redevelopment project is ongoing and it will introduce new commercial business districts, maritime culture zones, IT and video exhibitions, and waterfront to the area, bringing fresh vitality to Busan's old, urban neighborhood. The redevelopment project is expected to result in an economic ripple effect of USD28billion, and the creation of jobs for approximately 120,000 people.

Busan Port has been the growth of many of its related industries in addition to simple stevedoring activities including distripark, cruise market, and other port-related businesses. Busan Port is striving to transform into an integrated logistical hub port where all port-related enterprises can grow together.

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